Texas Revoloution

By Gage Wilson,and Riann

Texas Revoloution

october 2,1835. The battle of Gonzalez, The first battle of the Texas Revoloution,battle at Goliad.The battle of the Alamo,Febuary 23,battle starts,March 6,the first battle ends,March 2,1836, the Texas Decloration,March 16,the constitoution of the republic of Texas was accepted,March 27,1836,The Goliad mascarre.April 21,1836 Texas won its Independence,May 18,1836 The treaty of Velasko never honored,September 1836 Sam Houstin was elected as president.

The Alamo

The Alamo is where the war happend, it took a bunch of damage in the prossese

Davy Crockett

he was a soldier of General Houston.
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