Seine River

by Nate Phinney

Where is it?

The Seine River is located on the northern part of France flowing north into the English Channel and goes through several major cities. Some of these cities include Melun, Troyes, Rouen, La Havre, and the capital of France, Paris.
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Size/ Physical Characteristics

SIZE -The Seine River is a well known transportation system in France. Its minimum depth in the center of the river is around 9-10 feet and is about 40 feet or more in width at all times. This river is about 776 km long, which is about 1/5 of the size of the Mississippi River in the U.S.

PHYSICAL CHARACTERISTICS -The Seine River has had bad water conditions in the past, but thanks to the local atlantic salmon's return, water conditions are improving slowly. The Seine River also has 37 types of fish including the salmon, with one that is native to our country as well, the Northern Pike. Another important thing about the Seine river is that it drains unwanted water away from over 30,000 square miles of land in the northern part of France. The next thing I want to add about the Seine River is, because of its draining power, it has created rich mineral filled soil that is quite easy to farm crops on for the local farmers. lastly about the Seine River is the temperature in this part of France stays somewhat close to around 50, 60 degrees due to the location of the country to the equator, and the atlantic ocean on the coasts.

Human Characteristics

Since this river is a major river for the french, it has many human features along with it. Just in Paris, it has 30 bridges that cross over it and many more outside of the city for transportation. There is also 3 major dams along the Seine River, with one of them being sturgeon falls generation system(seen in picture below). These dams are all used to make mechanical power and electrical energy. The last thing I will share about the Seine River is about the language, it is mainly french along the river because the river is in France.
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Human Characteristics (continued)

The main religion along the Seine River system is christianity just like most of the U.S.. Another thing about this part of the country is their government system is republic. Here, people have jobs just like the U.S, they also farm like the U.S, and they make lots of money with trading goods with other countries. Below is a map of population density. If you relate it to the map of the Seine River you will see the relation between the where many people live and the Seine River.(The big red spots have a higher population.)
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Natural Resources

By looking at the map below, you will see that towards the coast there is a large amount of petroleum found along the Seine River.
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From the information above you can see that between the physical geography and human characteristics of the Seine, you can tell that a large population of France live on the Seine river, and that the nations capital is located on the Seine River too. Then you can think about how humans play an effect on the Seine River. For starters, rivers changed depth and wideness all the time because of the current in the river, but due to all the boats that travel the Seine, the only thing it probably has done from the past is expand deeper. The last thing to share about the Seine River is that it is home to the nations capital Paris