Wellness Wednesday

2021-2022 School Year

Welcome back VES Students!

Today we welcomed everyone back to VES! Through August we had tours available for our students new to VES, as well as for our students who were in our remote classes last year. We've also made a slide show of current VES faculty and staff to help match faces with names- check it out!

Although there may be changes we will need to adjust to through the year, we are very much looking forward to a new school year with the kids. We are very thankful to have more of the 'normal' things added back to our school day:

Being able to take tours of the building as a class

Attending specials EVERY DAY!

Having full classes of students together

Returning to our normal school day times

Playing in larger cohorts outside for recess

Eating lunch in the cafeteria or large gym

Check out these guides which provide helpful information about social and emotional development for elementary age students.

Guide for parents of 5-10 year olds here

Guide for parents of 10-12 year olds here

It's also important to remember that it takes time to adjust to the new routines of school, and often kids (and adults) can be tired or irritable by the end of the day or week. If your child is struggling with the adjustment, PLEASE reach out to the teacher or one of us- we want your child to be successful and feel good about school. Don't forget to make some stress relief practices a regular part of the day- check out this site or this one for excellent resources!

Kendall Hardy- School Social Worker khardy@voorheesville.org

Kristin Huntsman- School Counselor khuntsman@voorheesville.org

Jaime Tingley- School Psychologist jtingley@voorheesville.org

Some helpful reminders

For the adults

Mental Wellness in Children Ages 6-12
Asking for Help | How Parents Can Teach their Kids How to Ask For Help
Helping Parents to Recognize What Anxiety Looks Like

For the kids!

Back to School Tips
Back to School Rules!
SEL Video Lesson of the Week - Being a Good Friend