Civil War

By:Sam and Amber (:

The Battle of Bull Run

In 1861, Northerners made a plan that they were going to capture the city of Richmond, Virginia. The plan was made because they thought they needed one major win to bring the south and union back together. At first, the Union soldiers seemed to be winning, but the union plan fell apart quickly. Both sides proved they were in the war to win.

The Battle of Gettyberg

The South's leader, Robert E. Lee, decided it was time to make a bold move. He wanted a victory on the Unions so they would want to end the war, Lee and his troops surprised

the Confederates at Gettyberg. Lee's army lost thousands of men and they were forced to retreat to Virginia.

Robert E. Lee

Robert was born in Virginia. He received an education at the U.S Military academy at west point where he graduated at the top of his class. During the Mexican -American War, Lee served as a quarter master. He became leader of the Confederate states of America army. After the civil war, Lee became the president of Washington college in Virginia.