Developments in IT

What developments could change the future of your company?

The aim of this article is to make the readers aware of the new breakthroughs in IT that could make your everyday live's much easier especially for business owners seeking new methods to get ahead of the competition.

New Applications

There are plenty of new applications available through mobile phones and computer systems that could benefit your business needs also the business could have its own mobile application available for customers to download. Computer system applications over the years have been widely used within education. Now you will find that almost every classroom or school throughout the United Kingdom will feature a smart board that will be used as an additional resource that will help teachers/lecturers to project lessons to the students. One of the upcoming applications that is getting used on a more regular basis is ProSolution which is a piece of software created by Compass that helps staff members record what is going on in their lessons and make it easier for them to get organised in the classroom. Staff members using ProSolution will have their own separate logins and will be able to see their schedule and information about the lesson they are teaching. They will be able to fill out registers which will be accessed by the main administrator or person in charge of managing the attendance of the College rather than the staff member having to fill out paper registers the data taken will be stored digitally and if there is ever a situation where they need to be looked at then users with specific authorisation will be able to access the registers whenever they like and look at specific dates. This piece of software can also be used to create reports on how members of the class are behaving and warnings can be issued and recorded for future reference if needs be.

It would also help Teeside College if they had their own mobile application for students to download on their mobile phones. A lot of other organisations will have their own mobile applications that will allow students to do multiple things such as, track assignment dates, get feedback and get contact details for members of staff. On the iOs and android market at the moment there are multiple applications but for the College they could set up sections of the site where the students could get messages from their lecturers and have push notifications set up if their tutor or other lecturers want to get in touch with them. The students could have their own account set up that will allow them to look at their own personal details such as looking at their attendance and punctuality.

Wireless Technologies

Wireless technologies are becoming more and more common worldwide, with multiple new and upcoming technologies being developed over the years. One of the newer types of technologies I think would benefit Teeside College is the new Bluetooth smart. This is a type of low energy wireless communication protocol that can be integrated into multiple things that could be really beneficial to the college. One of the ways the college could use this piece of software is to have a wireless scanner set up that will check the ID of students as they enter the building through scanning their ID badges. This allows the college to know who is in the building at that time and means they are a more secure organisation as only people with specific authorization will be able to enter.

Operating Systems and Innovative software

One of the other things the College should look at upgrading is its Operating systems within their networks and systems. Using the new and upcoming OS windows 10 they would be able to prize themselves on having the most upto date software allowing them to bring in new students. Also they will be able to upgrade for free meaning they will save money and the upgrade will be cost efficient as they will attract attention from companies who use the new upto date software aswell meaning their students will be able to get jobs easier improving the reputation of the institution significantly.

Along with windows 10 the College will also have the built in Software known as Cortana which will help the user navigate through the system easier by asking questions and searching for specific pieces of software or documents. Cortana allows you to do this using voice control aswell as typing to it.