Italian Studies


TASK ONE - Setting the Scene

1. The capital city – The capital city of Italy is Rome. Rome

2. Two mountain ranges – The Alps and Apennines/Appenninos

3. Two volcanoes – Mt Vesuvius and Mt Etna

4. Where cooler wetter weather is found – The top of Italy, north. Places such as Milan and Venice.

5. Where hotter drier weather is found – Places to the bottom of Italy, south. Closer to the equator.

6. A sparsely populated region – Areas around the Apenninos. This is because the area is rough and not good to live off.

7. A densely populated region – Sicily is a densely populated area because the weather is nice and the ground is good for food.

I know that Italy is famous for its history and that it is the home of Christianity. The capital city is Rome and has many fountains and sculptures, and is home to the very famous sculpture, Michelangelo’s David. I know that Italy is about the same distance away form the equator as we are making our seasons much alike.

TASK TWO - The physical geography of Italy

The heights of the three tallest volcanoes are: Mount Vesuvius – 1281 metres, Mount Etna – 3350 metres and Mount Stromboli – 926 metres.

The three volcanoes that have most recently erupted in Italy are: Mount Vesuvius – 1944, Mount Etna – 2013 (continuing) and Mount Stromboli – 2013 (continuing.)

Mount Etna – Fact file

Mount Etna’s most violent eruption started on the 11th March 1669. It destroyed at least 10 villages and reached the town of Catania on the 15th March 1669, 5 weeks later, destroying a few buildings. Mount Etna has been erupting for a very long time and is still going. This is because it sits right on top of two tectonic plates, the Eurasian plate and the African plate. People continue to live around Mount Etna due to its fertile soil supporting agriculture.

The three highest and most recent urupting volcanoes

TASK THREE - The Human Geography of Italy

  1. Fiats industry is located in Turin. Turin is up in the North of Italy about 140 km to the west of Milan. Ferraris industry is located in Maranello. Maranello is also up in the North of Italy about 130 km away from Florence.

Task four - the food and culture of italy

  1. Pizza is from Italy, Italian pizzas are usually vegetarian with a very thin crust. Italians do eat pasta but not everyday. What they do eat a lot is fish and vegetables.
  2. (picture below)
  3. Italians enjoy sports such as football and formula one. They like to go to ballets and operas and also enjoy going to festivals. Women are very into their fashion.

task five - italian customs

Businesses such as shops open at 9:30 am then shut at 1:30 pm. They shut at 1:30 for siesta time. They then reopen at 4:30 pm and shut at 8:30 pm.