Molasses Flood

by: Keelan Stroman

The Molasses disaster

the Molasses flood started when the USIA started turning the molasses to alcohol and the Army used the molasses (the secret ingredient) to make bombs to fight in World War 1. Then the USIA put a lot of molasses in a tank so they can hold more. After that the people got suspicious about if the tank was filled to much. Next the tank exploded and a 35MPH 15Ft wave was crashing through the city and was demolishing the city and it's people one by one sucking up anything in it's sight. Then after the molasses disaster everyone was blaming the USIA for it but the USIA said in defense that the tank was bombed and thats how the molasses wave destroyed everything but then in 3 to 4 years the USIA paid a million dollars to make up with what happened.

Molasses wave

Wednesday, Jan. 15th 1919 at 10am

The North end of Boston

Anthony was having a nice day until it happened...