100th and of school and Super Bowl

Cross curricular activity ideas with DI!

The 100th day of School is quickly approaching-Friday, Feb. 5th!

I know you probably have some amazing things already planned, but here's few links that might have a new idea or two for you to try.




"If a final score in football is 20-14, how were the points scored?"

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Other questions to ask the students include:

  • Is it possible that the team scoring 20 points scored four touchdowns?
  • Might they have scored two touchdowns?
  • If so, how could their other points have been earned?
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I Spy...DI

DI sleuths are on the loose and word on the street is that Commonwealth and Meadows have some amazing things going on in classrooms!

You may see me around with my camera capturing snapshots of DI strategies you are using to post on the brag board. Trouble is, I’m only here two days a week, so I need your help!

Do you have what it takes to be a DI detective?

To be a DI PI, just grab your camera and be on the lookout in your classroom and grade level for any and all DI technique tries. Send me a pic along with a short description of what you observed and the impact you feel it had on student achievement.