Alex Morgan's perseverance

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Alex Morgans road

When she was young she was not in soccer but then as she got older she stared playing and she started at the age 14. She went to the university of California at Berkeley And she when on to take her school to the championship.

What Alex Morgan was like as a kid

Like many girls raised on Southern California soccer fields in the post-99 World Cup boom, Alex dreamed of stardom. In an age where Brandi Chastain's penalty winner and Mia Hamm commercials flooded TVs, where efforts to cater to girls as athletes gripped the country, it was hard not to. America had caught soccer fever.

Against this backdrop, however, Alex's first steps to soccer glory were modest.

While her peers bypassed other sports for soccer and local leagues for traveling clubs as early as age 10, Alex juggled basketball, volleyball, track, and soccer well into her teenage years. It was not until she was 14 that she joined a club team and by then she was late to the game-an unknown on the competitive soccer scene.

Yet if her first steps up the mountain were quiet strides, Alex's next moves were boundless leaps.Armed with breathtaking speed and a nose for the back of the net, she dominated her club peers, continuing her ascent at Diamond Bar High School, where she finished as a three-time all-league pick and an All-American. In the blink of an eye, the unknown had taken the soccer world by storm.

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Shadow on the mountain

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