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Tech Tools for the Math Teacher


Most districts have some sort of technology for students to use. Whether it is Chromebooks, iPads, or any other combination of the two, students have easier access to devices than ever before. But, it may take a little more searching to find out how it can be integrated in a math classroom. Over this past summer, I read an article about several different tech tools for math teachers. So, with the help of my dear friend Elizabeth McCartney, a 2nd grade teacher and well-versed with integration in a math classroom, we created an entire presentation. Below are a few sites that math teachers can use to become a little more comfortable with using Chromebooks in their class! The link to the full presentation, with even more tech tools for math teachers, is at the bottom of this newsletter.


Grade Level: K-8

Although this one is a little more involved on the teacher’s end, once it’s up and running it has quite a few benefits. This is a math practice game site for students from Kindergarten through 8th grade. The teacher creates and account, shares the class code with their students, then the student has access anywhere they wish, on the path to becoming a Math Prodigy!

Fun Brain

Grade Level: Many

Kind of like Cool Math, but with more of an education focus, FunBrain has games sorted by grade level for several different subjects. Students can select their grade and can choose which class or subject they’d like to learn more about and play the games accordingly.

Boom Cards

Grade Level: K - 5

Make Task Cards digital by using this interactive program that allows students to practice different math skills by moving manipulatives, answer equations, and correct mistakes right on the spot!


Grade Level: Many

This is also an add-on! Here is a link for the form to fill out to get Equatio for free! HUGE thank you to Diann Herington for finding this and sharing it:

Get EquatIO for FREE!


Grade Level: K-9

Students play different games & activities where they earn points at their level! Great for differentiated instruction & data tracking

The Full Presentation

To see the full list of tech tools for math teachers, please check out the presentation linked here: Tech Tools for Math Teachers.

Video Editing in Slides

If you have a video to display in Slides, you can choose how much of it is seen. With the video selected, click "Format Options." Next, click the "Video Playback" dropdown. Then, from the toolbar to the right, select the start time and the end time of the video. You can even autoplay the video when presenting, and mute the audio for a different effect.

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