Darwin's Postulates

By: Andres Campuzano


All organisms as individuals have unique variations. Even though organisms share ancestry or even types of species they all have different traits that separates them from others. For example, a species of tree frogs may all have the same form and shape but an individual frog may have red spots where others do not and there fore generates a variation that individual separates this frog from the others.

Individual Vary in Their Success at Reproducing

Individuals inside a species have a far greater advantage to reproduce with adapting traits that help them survive. Because of this organisms with advantageous adaptations tend to great more off springs and there for give reason to the idea of natural selection.


Individual organisms inherit traits and adaptations from their parents. For example, a elephant might have a longer trunk then his parents did because he has now learned to adapt to taller trees. This new trunk size will now be passed on to his offspring, his offspring this new generation of elephants might also have to undergo go adaptation by natural selection and pass on the longer trunk to their offspring. New generations continue to change over the period of evolution however inheritance allows them to carry on past adaptations.

Surviving and Reproducing are not Random

Animals or species that hold adaptations in their blood like a brown mouse in a desert while probably live and reproduce more then a white mouse in the dessert, therefore passing his brown trait to his offspring and therefore helping his species survive and reproduce the same adapted traits over and over again. This proofs that surviving and reproducing are surely not random but actually a part of advantageous adaptations.


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