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Rend Collective Experiment - Build Your Kingdom Here by Jeff Hughes 11

Guid Health! Cheers! Slainte!

Greetings from the Scottish Lowlands! So excited to start my missions journey in Edinburgh with The Beeks. I arrived in Scotland on 21 June. I was able to attend the Harvest Bible College Graduation in Glasgow. After attending the HBC part-time school over the past 2 years it was nice being able to go. In my first Sunday service in Edinburgh we had 22 attend. The Holy Ghost fell in the service. Thank you Jesus! Right now we are working on starting a youth/university age group to meet on Friday nights. There is great potential here in the culturally diverse city of Edinburgh for this type of ministry. One university student that attends the church is very excited to get involved and has a lot of insight. Which always helps. **smiley face** The sociologist side in me is already coming out and I have been tweaking a few different surveys and flyers that I think might work well here. In the upcoming week I will be doing an object lesson for the midweek Bible study in Edinburgh. I have to say that any lesson that includes Oreos is my kind of lesson! It's only been a week so I'll have more to note in my next newsletter at the beginning of August.

On a lighter note...Things I've had to adjust to so far:

- NO air conditioning. (Oh my **smiley face**)

- Lots and lots and lots of walking (actually I'm pretty excited about this bit, once I've built

up the endurance that is)

- Very little driving.

- Lots of sunlight (Sunrise @ 4 a.m. & Sunset @ 11 p.m.)

- Did I mention lots of walking?!? **smiley face**

Upcoming Events

My pastor's wife/my amazing sister's BIRTHDAY!!! - 10/Jul

Crystal McDaniel... I can't say enough how much this woman of God has inspired me. She is my mentor, confidant, accountability, but most of all my best friend. God truly could not have blessed me with anyone better! So completely sorry that I won't be with her on this day, but my spirit will be!!! Much love from my heart!!

BOTT Copenhagen - 11/Jul - 19/Jul

I am thrilled to have the opportunity to attend Because of the Times in Copenhagen this year. I'll start out with a week of classes and street evangelism leading up to the Conference. Expecting great things!!

My Birthday - 3/Aug

Drum roll please ************** Yes and she's turning 28 folks!!! The Lord is truly good. **smiley face**

UK General Conference - 5/Aug - 8/Aug

It was in 2012, my first time attending this conference, that I got a mighty touch from God and felt I was to come AIM in the UK. So glad that I'll be able to attend again!