The Okapi

What is extinction? Extinction is when a species no longer exist in the world. A creature facing this problem is the okapi.
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The okapi lives in few places in the world. The most okapis live in Central Africa. They can be found in northeastern Democratic Republic of the Congo.
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The okapi shares its habitat with giraffes and zebras.
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The okapi’s appearance is very unique. The okapi is related to a zebra and a giraffe. This mammal has horns on their head that are called ossicones. They have stripes on all of their legs and on their rump. Some of the okapis have red on there head and long necks. An okapi’s tongue is about 18 inches long. This mammal can live up to 33 years in captivity. A okapi height is five feet tall. The weight of the okapi is around 440 to 660 pounds.The okapis baby's weight about 50 pounds. A new born okapi can stand up in just 30 seconds. An okapi can run 37 miles per hour.
Wild Kingdom - Fast Facts - Okapi


The okapis has a variety of things that it can eat. These animals are herbivores. These animal's loves to eat leaves. An okapi also eat small bugs. Okapis sometimes eat bark or twigs when they are really hungry. They will also eat fruit and fungi.The okapis eat really weird they have to get there food with their long tongue. Then the tongue gets wrapped around the branch and they pull off the leaves.
Feeding the Okapi
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An okapi’s most dangerous predator is the leopard. If an okapi has been spotted, it will try to hide, or it will run. Okapis are also afraid of humans who are poachers. This animal has good hearing so he can hear if there is a predator on his way to attack.


The okapi is the most fascinating animal in the rainforest. These animals are endangered please help them. We the people should protect the okapis from the predators because they are becoming extinct.


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