FDA Notarization for CFG

FDA Notary

FDA Notary

The FDA notarization for Certificate to Foreign Government “CFG” has recently become a requirement in order to license the export documents. US Apostille is now offering the Federal notary of the FDA for all kinds of” CFG”.

Certificate to Foreign Government “CFG”

An export Certification for the exportation of drugs and medical devices legally distributed and marketed in the United States. “CFG” must be notarized by a Federal Notary from the FDA solely for purposes of exportation and must not be used for any advertising in the United States.

The requirements to certify CFG

The Certificate to Foreign Government “CFG” must indicate the type of the product being exported whether it is:

· “CFG” for CDRH – Center for Devices and Radiological Health.

· “CFG” for HCT/P –Human cellular and Tissue-based Products

· “CFG” for CVM- Center for Veterinary Medicine.

US Apostille/ CFG authentication service

US Apostille will assist you obtain all the required authentications for CFG which are:

1. Federal notary by the FDA.

2. Apostille from the US Department of State in Washington DC.

3. Embassy legalization- if the product is exported to a non-Hague country.

4. The US Arab Chamber of Commerce seal

US Apostille will help its client to determine what authentications are required for their export documents.

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