Lewis and Clark

Ten things you may not know about the expedition

Ten things i didn't know about The Lewis and Clark Expedition

#1 One thing you may not know is that they brought just enough whiskey to get each man drunk so they wouldn't desert by the time they had gotten far enough from the camp.

#2 You may not know they named every creek, lake, mountain and desert after something or someone it reminded them of.

#3 Their dog "Seaman" suffered a lot, survived a lot and helped a lot it scared away a bull/buffalo from camp and caught an antelope more than once.

#4 York was clarks man-servant was many times, inspected by indians because theyd never seen a Blackman.

#5 Lewis and clark were greeted with open arms when they entered Mandan and Hiditasas territory.

#6 For religious purposes the tribes were very open and let them take up winter living quarters.

#7 They believed they would encounter volcanoes erupting, woolly mammoths and mountains made of salt.

#8 Clark estimated they had traveled a distance of 4162 miles and he was within 40 miles of the actual distance.

#9 Sacagawea saved many thing when a boat capsized and lewis & Clark Named the river after her.

#10 The expedition followed Missouri through what is now Kansas city and Omaha