Clarks Creek Staff News

Sept. 8-11, 2015

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Clarks Creek students have PRIDE!

Ensuring that ALL students carry themselves with pride and confidence beyond our doors as honorable, skillful learners and thinkers, ready to enrich our world.


New goals for the 2015-16 year will be set based on the STAR 360 baseline data we'll have in hand soon since we are not likely to get ISTEP results back before December. As soon as all students complete the assessments this week, we'll be ready to set the goals!

Dear Staff,

As we move full-force into September, continue to focus on the "growth mindset." While we have many "bars" for students to surpass in standardized testing, the most important thing we can do is not make sure that each student makes it sufficiently over each presented hurdle, but to ensure that each student makes as much growth as possible.

While we, as educators, have been talking about growth for some time, our students are not as familiar with how that works for them. The diagram below shows a shift in language that can be used to create an atmosphere of expected growth. When you hear students make one of the "non-growth" statements, reframe it into one of the growth statements. Every hurdle is an opportunity for growth. Helping students see this is a huge benefit to their future and the way they will think about life!

Cultivate a "can do" attitude in your students, and have a great week!


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To-Do List

  • Schedule time for students to make small paper flags in your room on Friday for Patriot Day. Talk with them about the silent dismissal that we will have to honor those lost on 9-11 and as a sign of respect for all of our first responders.
  • Please invite any parents of your students that you know are police officers, firefighters, EMTs, and active, reserve, or veteran member of the armed forces to attend our Patriot Day silent dismissal on Friday. We're inviting them to meet out in front of the school at 3:25, where we will then position them along the front grassy area to wave to the buses and car riders prior to coming into Town Hall for a reception.
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Announcements and Reminders

  • As you begin to make plans for field trips, please let any parent volunteers who wish to attend know that they must submit their volunteer background checks at least two weeks prior to the trip in order to be sure they are back in time.
  • We have blown through FIFTEEN CASES of paper towels in the first month of school! Please talk with students about the number they are using and help monitor that usage. Please also remind students to clean up after themselves during group breaks, leaving no paper towels on the floor. Second semester I hope to be purchasing some larger trash cans to help with this problem, as well. In the meantime, remind your students to show their PRIDE in the care of our facilities.

10-Day Forecast of Upcoming Events

9/7 Labor Day - No School

9/9 Trash Bag Fundraiser Kick-off - XL Announcements

9/9 District High Ability Mtgs - Gr 3,4,5 4:00 pm @ Van Buren

9/9 October Field Trip Paperwork Due to MD

9/10 New Teacher Induction Mtg 3:30 (begin at supt's office)

9/10 New Teacher Presentation w/retreat group - 4:15 in LGI

9/10 Committee Meetings - 4:00 - 4:30

9/10 School Board Mtg 7:00pm Superintendent's Office

9/11 Silent Dismissal with Flags

9/11 Reception Immediately Following Dismissal for First Responder Guests and Staff - Town Hall

9/14- 10/26 Good News Club - First Meeting; every Monday After School - in LGI until 5:15

9/14 PTO Meeting 6:30pm

9/15 WIDA/SIOP Teacher Meeting 4:00pm Superintendent's Office

9/16 - 9/18 American Fidelity Enrollment Meetings Conference Room

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There is lots of interesting research on the types of music that increase productivity. Instrumental music can help students focus and provide some creative inspiration. See the link below for some recommended Pandora stations for teachers to use in the classroom. Remember, if the intention is focus on an assignment, play instrumental music so kids are not singing along. (That can be great for other purposes!)

SUMDOG Math Contest

Several teachers throughout our district use this contest as a motivator for students to learn their math facts and computation skills. The contest is free and students usually participate while at home.

Sumdog's first West Central Indiana Math contest starts Friday September 11, 2015 and will run until the following Thursday.

It's free to take part and there are prizes to be won!

The contests are aimed at grades K - 8 but if a teacher feels this is an appropriate level for other students, they are also welcome to join in.

Students can play online either at school or at home using the website or the App.

In order to join in the fun, teachers can enter their class here:

For any questions, contact


  • Welcome to Tabitha Pfaff, a student nurse who will be working with Glenda this semester. She won't be here every day, but her help will be greatly appreciated when she is here!

Happy Birthday!

Happy Birthday to these Staff Members with September Birthdays!

Dawn Grimes 2-Sep

Rebekah Warriner 6-Sep

Pam Hendrickson 16-Sep

Sara Allen 18-Sep

Cheri Adair 18-Sep

Jennifer Ring 21-Sep

Kari Tallent 21-Sep

Darla Homan 25-Sep

Cheryl Angle 27-Sep

Amanda Dunn 29-Sep

Misty Rosenbaum 30-Sep


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A "Brain Break" in the MInd Maze!

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Pre-K Kindermusik!

Ant Picnic!

Second Grade Recess Fun!

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Richter Reading Extravaganza!

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