Splendid Squids in the Sea

Hilary Siegel


Amazingly, the squid is found in the deepest zones of water where it is dark and mysterious, and their colors come in handy! You will be intrigued to learn about the way this living looks, what it feeds on, and how the offspring develop. Now let’s dive down below the ocean floor and see the animal up close.


You will be pleased to know that squids have three hearts, which means they must have a lot of love! Definitely, this carnivore has an odd appearance, interesting diet, and a way of sexually reproducing. Time to ride back up to the surface. The squid is an incredible thing that has many wonderful characteristics!


It's time to think! Go ahead and take the quiz below, and see how much you know about the squid. Once you have finished, look at the poem about this lovely creature!
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I chose four fish, two Australian rainbow fish and two crowntail betta fish. In all, I spent $205.98. For the fish tank, I needed twenty gallons to support the fish. The theme I chose was pirates. This project was very enjoyable and will be useful for life skills, such as budgeting and caring for animals and things. I hope we can do something like this again, and I definitely recommend it for next year!
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In chef's corner, we had to choose an Australian food and then learn about it. For instance, I chose fairy bread which is basically sprinkles on bread. Please read all about it down below!

Fairy Bread


This dish is considered native to New Zealand and Australia, although the exact origin is unknown. Fairy bread is considered to be sacred and a form of protection against the anger of spirits or fairies.The first ever reference to fairy bread recipes was in the poem ‘Fairy Bread’ by Robert Louis Stevenson.


  • Serves 8-10

  • Yields 20 triangles (UNITS US)





  • 8-10 slices white bread, trimmed of crust

  • butter or margarine

  • candy sprinkles (hundreds and thousands)


  1. Spread slices of bread with butter or margarine

  2. sprinkle with candy sprinkles

  3. cut into triangles

  4. arrange on serving plate

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My diorama is presented with many sea organisms, including the squid, my animal. It is held tall to show the deepness of the sea. On the right side is a hanging jellyfish and coral underneath. On the left is a bottlenose dolphin, and beneath is a rock with a sea turtle. On the very top is a clownfish. The bottom has a sponge which is pink and above is a seahorse. Lastly, the blue squid is in center, and very large, representing its size which could be small or enormous.
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The video below explains all about the amazing squid! Watch it to learn more about this outstanding sea organism.
National Geographic Live! - The Amazing Squid