Mugs Bakery Advertisement Campaign

Leann Coffer, Matthew Smuck, & Edwardo

Advertisment types, Executive summary, & Company analysis

Our campaign idea was for a social media advertisement . So what that would mean is the way were going to advertise mugs is through popular Social medias that are used as of right now. Such as Instagram, Twitter, Facebook, & etc.

The only real types of advertisement mugs has at the moment would be word of mouth and coupons passed out to people.

Back ground Information Of Mugs...Mugs Bakery has been serving lattes with morning pastries, filled croissants, fresh baked scones, European style pastries and they also make made to order cakes and great sandwiches and soups all since 1996 in Roanoke Texas. Core values / making great coffee and tasty pastries for the costumers

Mugs Target Market-

Mugs main target market depends on which aspect of the business you look at while it mostly targets just about anyone’s family . So really any ages, girl or boy, just depends on if they enjoy tasty pastries and amazing cakes.

Implementation Plan

When and where are we going to advertise Mugs? Well the flyers are going to be up 24/7 in areas around where your coffee shop is located (so probably in Roanoke Texas and cities around there). And as for the other ads we have they will be posted on social media every weekend on Saturday and Sunday, at around 2:00 pm.


Basically how we are going to promote your coffee shop, Mugs, is obviously through social media & print ads.