Great Gatsby Dreams Project:

Self-respect By: Trizah Njoki


In my opinion, self respect is very important to everyone who is trying to achieve their dream. Without self-respect most people lose their way and achieve their dreams in a different way, they step on others and they do not care about the circumstances. Everybody needs self-respect to apply themselves to their dream and do it correctly.

What is the cost of pursuing a dream?

Every character in the Great Gatsby has a purpose on why they are in New York City at that time.

Gatsby's dream is to get Daisy. Gatsby is living in West Egg for one reason, and that reason is called Daisy, his former love. He is so desperate that he asks Nick to "invite her over" for "tea" (Fitzgerald 82) He shows no self respect because that he is willing to move across country for a girl that he know is married. He does not want to believe that she is happy so he has goes beyond his means to for fill her dreams.

Pursing a Dream? Pt. 2

Another character who puts away his self respect is Tom Buchanan. Tom's dream is to provide a fuller life for himself. He has a mistress named Myrtle he keeps her a secret from Daisy. While staying with Myrtle in Manhattan Myrtle was chanting Daisy's name so in turn he "broke her nose with his open hand"(Fitzgerald 37) This shows that he is trying to be powerful by showing Myrtle that he is the boss in their relationship.

Pursuing a Dream? Pt. 3

Jordan Baker is Nick Carraway's love interest in the book. Her dream is to a great pro golf player, and also to find success. She is a professional golfer who was rumored to have cheated on her first game, "we heard it from three people, so it must be true" (Fitzgerald 19) This shows lack of self respect because she did not have the morals to lose like a regular person. She was blinded at the fact of winning the game. Nick even said that "dishonesty is a woman is a thing you never blame deeply" (Fitzgerald 58)

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Sacrifices in the Modern World

Everybody has had to sacrifice something to acquire something probably better.There are two sides of the story. Kobe Bryant had to sacrifice his college years "decided to go straight to the NBA from high school" (Kobe) Most of us would thing that his life is fantastic, but I will bet you at times he misses the experience of going to college and expanding his . Even through he is "the youngest All-Star Winner at 19 years old" (Kobe) A down side to sacrifices in the Modern World is that cheating has increased . During this Summer's Olympics, "after" a South African swimmer "received a gold metal, Van der Burgh announced that he cheated." (Society)

So in my opinion sacrificing your self respect is not worth it. All we have in this world is our word.

Real World: Celebrities sacrificing

Kim Kardashian is a famous television personality now, but before she was just "wardrobe stylish to actress" (Kardashian) Her goals were probably to become famous but she came out it the wrong way. Kardashian shot to stardom by releasing a sex tape of her and her former boyfriend, Ray J. She lost self respect by doing so. Another moment of weakness is when she married her ex-husband Chis Humphrey. She lost self respect because she was married for a very short amount of time. She was married for "72-days before asking for a divorce" (Kardashian)

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