Accountants Needed!!

Who We Are

Buchanan & Sons is the next big accounting firm in the nation. Our headquarters are in Hawaii, but we have several firms located across the country. We have at least 4 in every state. We have plans to go international within a few years, so the big 4 will soon become the big 5. We are a nice, personable accounting firm built on the foundation of trust, honest, and friendless. Our company started out in a small town in North Carolina with the idea of bringing southern hospitality and happiness to accountants and its clients across our great nation.

What We Want

Are you fresh out of college and need a place to start within a company?

If thats you listen up. Our company needs the next biggest and best people around to help push us forward within our company. We need detail-oriented students, who are organized, and have everything in order. You, young minds are what we need with our company. At a starting rate of $50,000 a year our spots for your great minds are filling up quickly. We also offer many benefits to accompany you on your journey of life. We can't tell you also (Policy Rules) but some include up to 30 days of sick days a year, free gym membership, and we help pay for some of your classes to better yourself. There is a huge opportunity to grow in our thriving firm. So please come check us out!

Buchanan & Sons

Since you are within the area of North Carolina, all information provided below will allow you direct contact to our firms within North Carolina.