Teacher Man by Frank McCourt

Educational Internship Program Book Study

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Review of Teacher Man by Frank McCourt

I began reading this specific book because I wanted to see into the mind of a "Teacher Man." I wanted to learn more about what makes a good teacher and how to deal with students. I learned more about teaching than I ever thought I would while reading this excellent novel. He keeps students engaged by putting a little of himself in every lesson. Frank McCourt has a beautiful writing style that looks at traditional grammar and spelling rules, then throws them right out the window. It was a brilliant move that didn't make the writer feel less intelligent and in fact enhanced his writing and showed himself through the pages.

10/10 - would recommend

Frank McCourt completes his trilogy with "Teacher Man".

How Teacher Man impacts me as a learner

As a high school student, I deal with drama, stress, and teachers on a daily basis. Frank McCourt turns this average school experience on its head and shows the world through the eyes of a new teacher, struggling to transition to American school life. He showed me the struggles of all teachers, especially first year teachers. His creativity and stylistic flair helped me to understand how to deal with students and how to gain their respect. Whether it be eating a student's sandwich, slinging sarcasm around like a rock, or telling stories to keep the students engaged, there is always a way to keep kids interested in learning, even if it is not the easiest thing for a teacher to do. A little heart and soul can go a long way toward educating and helping your students.

How I will apply this book toward a potential classroom

If you are intending to be a teacher of any sort, a coach, or anyone in a position of power, this book is a must read. Motivation is the key to open the door of productivity of any kind. As cliche and lame as that last sentence sounds, it does hold up a considerable amount weight when evaluated. The most important thing for me to do if I become a teacher is to keep my students interested even when I am not. I will make the classroom unique and fun for me as well as the students. In doing so I will promote self expression and creativity in the students.

Questions that ran through my mind as I read

  1. As an Irish immigrant living in New York City during the 50s, what other struggles did he have to face to get him in the position he currently was in?
  2. What was it like being an involved and creative teacher for all of 30 years?
  3. Did he feel like he changed a lot of lives with his work?