Tropical Rainforest

Climate and Location

  • 125-660 cm of rain yearly (50-260 in)
  • average of 77%-88% humidity
  • usually near the equator

Plants and Adaptations

  • dense vegetation
  • enormous trees
  • smooth bark so plant can't grow up
  • lianas have woody vines so it's easier to climb
  • buttresses provide stability and can rise more than 30 feet
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Animals and Adaptations

  • thousands of species
  • camouflage to hide from predators and prey
  • many animals have small bodies so they can navigate the dense forest floor
  • some animals are brightly colored to warn predators away from them
  • ants can carry 50 times more than their body weight

Human Impact

  • millions of acres are lost due to logging and farming
  • many farmers do slash and burn farming
  • most of the logging has been in the 20th and 21st centuries
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Description of the Land

  • trees are spaced far apart
  • many trees are over 200 feet tall
  • there is almost no sunlight on the forest floor
  • rainforests only make up about 12% of Earth's land area
  • ground is very moist due to much rain and little sunlight
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Unique Facts

  • most animals live in the trees
  • majority of creatures living in rainforests are insects
  • there are over 2,500 vine species