Welcome To Chinatown

Watch out for the Cherry Bombs!

School Survival

1. Wear Gold and Black

2. Have the courage of a Tiger

3. Pick your favorite classes

4. Get a Good Night's sleep

5. Make friends early. Life will be a lot better

Sports Fans! Get your rundown here!

4 top sports and Teams to support!

Kung Fu: Kung Fu is a growing sport in Chinatown, and you should support the students taught by Professor Sheng

Basketball: A pro sport shown on TV, Basketball is very popular and fans should support the Bayi Rockets.

Football: Another pro sport on TV, Football is semi popular and you should support the team Dalian Shide FC.

Lion/Dragon Dancing: A subdivision of Kung Fu that has evolved into a sport of it's own, you should follow Wan Chi Ming Hung Gar Institute Dragon And Lion Dance Team.

Chat your way to popularity! 5 top topics for conversation!

  1. The new multimillion high class 8 story hospital being built.
  2. Dairy Queen is coming to Chinatown! Ice Cream galore!
  3. The serious city hall corruption case is talked about in shadowy whispers.
  4. Street Renovation! The dirty streets are being paved and upgraded!
  5. All the smog and Pollution in Chinatown being a problem.

Evil Kung Fu Masters! Watcha gonna do?

1. Never show interest in their Kung Fu schools.

2. Do not accept any invitations to tea.

3. Never go near their Kung Fu Schools.

4. Do not interact with their students. It could be a trap.

5. Avoid anyone suspected of being involved in any way.

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JB's Burgers

Cheapest prices in town! 2 burgers, large side of cheese fries, and a large coke is 12.99 with tax!


That's All! Now just a brief tour of what Chinatown looks like!

America's Largest Chinatown: San Francisco - tour sample

Just a brief warp up of my flyer

Chinatown Smore