A product made by Chris Miller & Keelie Averett

Tierd of searching for an extension cord when you run out of space to charge your electronics?

Pop Out-Let is a product that replaces the way you see outlets, it delivers more organized ways to use and put away you extension cords, by having them able to be tucked away neatly in your walls and taken back out, just by pushing on and pulling out, the Pop Out-Let. Unlike normal extension cords and outlets, Pop Out-Let provides a coiling system so you never have to worry about putting up your extension cords again.
In today's fast moving and also lazy society, people like to have things charge faster, they like to not have to put things away. People everywhere have cords lying around in the homes and no one likes clutter. There Are ways people try to fix these things themselves but it just gets messy.


Here is how our technology can fix any problem you maybe have charging or organizing all your cords and or outlets in your new homes:

Self cooling system
Heat resistant
Faster charging
Easy pop out system
Can extend over an entire room

The possible market of a product like this is worldwide because everyone is lazy at some point and everyone likes to be neat and organized, especially in their own living spaces; no one wants to wait for their phone to charge over the course of some hours, when it could take fifteen minutes when you turn on airplane mode and plug it into one of our advanced outlets.
Pop Out-Let's competitive advantage over competitors is threefold:
It's is the combination of both outlets and extension cords, meaning you never need to buy those only orange cords again.
It charges devices that are plugged into it much faster than the ordinary outlet.
These cords in our outlets put themselves away, you don't have to worry about dealing with winding up pesky extension cords anymore, or finding ways to hid them so you home looks neat and acceptable.