By Esmeralda

Tejano Music


Tejano music started with a blend of Mexican and European music. It started in the late 1800's. This started in the southern part of Texas and Mexico.


There songs were blended with their own song and others songs. Like European and Mexican.


When you hear them you might hear a slow tempo a relaxing one. Other times you get to hear fast tempos cheerful ones. On some of the songs by the title you can tell how fast the tempo is. If the title is a sad one you can tell its going to be a slow tempo.


At first it started with a guitar, accordion, and other brass instrument. Later people started adding instruments like the electric guitar.


  • Selena 1971-1995
  • Cornelio Reyna 1940 - , 1997
  • Johny Perez September 28, 1969-??
  • Luis Silva December 10, 1988


  • *Soy Un Tonto

  • *Enseñante a Querer

  • Lagrimas de mi barrio

  • Amor de Navidad