The Prince and The Guard

Kiera Cass


*Isable-she was a princessand really sweet but she was also kind and sad.

*Erick-he was a guard and he was bright respectful caring.

*Miguel - he was a prince and he was very nice loyal and very polite but he was very smart.


there was a princess who lived in a castle she was really nice loyal and polite her name was Isabel and one day she fell in love but there's one thing that's stopping that she fell in love with 2 guys one of the guys was a guard his name was Erick and the other guy was a prince and his name is Miguel there both really polite loyal nice. but one day Isabel was hugging Erick because she was really sad and Miguel walked in and saw and he what was going on and she didn't know what to say so then Miguel just walked away but Isabel scearmed across the hall WAIT but he kept on walking and from he just said to leave him alone.


it took place in a castle