Migrants in Qatar are described as modern slaves

What happens

Lots of people in Nepal are deep in debt so they look for work in places like Qatar were people say they will get paid more then what they do. When these people from Nepal travel to Qatar they become migrants and they're not allowed to leave the country without their bosses permission. Migrant workers in Qatar work in hot and stuffy conditions. They live in cramped flats were the bathroom is shared by more than 14 people , and 2 dirty kitchens full of bugs and mosquitoes are shared with around 600 people.
Qatar World Cup: the migrant workers forced to work for no pay | Guardian Investigations

On the run!

Some migrant workers in Qatar have run away from their work because their bosses haven't paid them in weeks, months or years. All these people huddle together in tiny little houses waiting for their boss to give them their passport, a ticket to go back to their country and freedom. These people don't want to cross the boarder illegally all they want to do is go home back to their families in Nepal or were ever they came from and be free.

World cup

The world cup are being held in Qatar so all the migrant workers are working on this new stadium to host the games but some people are worrying that the athletes wont stand the heat in Qatar. Lots of people are protesting that there shouldn't be a world cup without workers rights.
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