Friday Flash

Friday, March 7, 2014

Coming Up….

3/18, SBAC Testing Training (Miller, Ross, Toller), 4-6pm

3/19, 5th grade team planning (Toller and Team) 1:30pm

3/19, Staff Meeting, 2:35 (Social Emotional Team Presenting)

3/19: Construction Committee Meeting (Miller, Ross, Ratto), 4:30

3/19- PTA General Meeting, 6pm


There have been recent safety events at Elementary schools in the Fruitvale neighborhood involving strangers coming on campus. The perpetrators have not been caught yet. I am sending home a letter to families on Monday to reassure them of our safety plan. Please review the letter as well. Remember if you leave campus and unlock a gate, please lock it behind you during the day. If you see anyone on campus who is unfamiliar or suspicious, contact the office immediately. We will be conducting a surprise fire drill and a stranger on campus drill within the next two weeks.

Hearts: Social Emotional Learning


I have heard all year about the amazing show that Glenview puts on, but nothing could have prepared me for Friday night. Putting together this show required a lot of talent and hours of hard work. Ms. Jacobsen and Ms. Morgan- thanks for this beautiful event! Glenview is lucky to have you! This show served as another reminder of what great kids we have from props to acting to singing to set development our kids are awesome...

March MaDNesS (indeed!)

March is historically a hard month in schools- there are less days off, summer seems so far away, report cards are tiring, and many of the interventions we have tried with students have been less effective over time.

Consequently there has been an increase in issues on the yard and in students being sent to the office for various reasons over the last few weeks.

If you are noticing that you have a student (or two) that are starting to have a pattern of negative behaviors, let's set up a plan to get them back on the right track. This is a great resource to find new ways to interrupt challenging behavior:

I'm available to problem solve with you or I encourage you to use your colleagues to help you think through interventions if your current strategies aren't working.

District RJ Training- 4/4

If you haven't been trained or need a refresher, let me know.

Heroes this Month

The Hero Physical Activity Classes for the month of March, will be focused on teaching 4-square, which will end with a 4-square tournament at the end of the month.


P.D. This Week- Weds. 3/19

Weds: Our Social Emotional Learning (SEL) Team of Mrs. Havenar, Mrs. Wong, Mrs. Salvatore, and Ms Sullivan will be presenting and discussing with us the next steps for our SEL plan.


Chelsea off site on Tuesday from 8-1:30

Please support office staff and Ms. Smith by minimizing calls to the office and managing your own discipline issues.

New Copier!

PTA Parent, Howard Kong, is continuing to research the copier options for us. Keeping with the OUSD theme that "nothing is simple", most of them require a new electrical higher amp outlet due to the size of the machines we are considering. So we will be factoring in a little electrical work into our timeline. I'm meeting with Kate Rix our PTA president this week to check in on timeline.

Breakfast- Finally Here!

As I've shared with you, breakfast is only "served" until 10am. After that, students can "help themselves" to leftovers that were not "served" before 10am. Thanks for your patience with this.