Sea Level Rising

By Stephany and Savanna

Best Case Scenario

So far, scientists expect the sea level to rise around 80 cm around the year 2100. This would be the best case scenario, because the level of the sea wouldn't have risen very much, thus not affecting us. However, sea level rising does mean that the climate is getting warmer. This would most likely be brought on by hot water expanding, and ice caps melting. To have the whole sea rise 80 cm would be a bunch of ice caps melting or hot water expanding, but nothing too serious.

If temperatures rise faster than expected, this best case scenario may not be achieved. The hotter the climate, the faster the sea level will rise. That is how the worst case scenario is achieved. (2) Also, people have released a large amount of heat trapping gasses into the atmosphere over the years, causing the climate to get warmer. This will help the sea levels rise. (4)

Worst Case Scenario

The worst case scenario would probably have to be thermal expansion. This happens by the heat of the earth heating up the sea. If the sea level keeps rising and keeps expanding, there isn't gonna be room for crops. If we don't have crops we wont have food to feed the people. The worst case scenario likely to occur is thermal expansion and gas and oil spills. How can humans prevent this from happening? We shouldn't use as much carbon dioxide, just use as little as you need. (1)

The maximum the sea will rise is 190 centimeters. (3)