The Lodz Ghetto

Life in the Lodz

The creating of Lodz

They wanted to come up with a place that was only for Jews to live. The second largest ghetto would be called “Lodz” Ghetto. That was built upon wooden fence and barbwire around the place. Spring of 1940 162,000 people were forced out of their homes. To a places with a population of 62,000 that stayed there before. In the Lodz people like Jews and other had no food or electricity.

Food Supply

Food and other thing they may have need were smuggle into the ghetto. Cart were give to the Jews and for the German amusement to see all of their things fall out. The only food they were given were bread and potatoes.
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Children Life in the ghetto

Children who lived an the ghetto mostly work just like the older people. Some othen made song that became very popluar during the time. Also with out food and home the children became sick.
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The end of Lodz

January 1942, Jews were sent to “Chelmno” were the killing of the Jew started. Jews were gather and sent to gas vines. Some of the Jews went on to strike to stop all of the work for the German. That was the being of the war between Nazis and Jews.

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X'Asia McClure

Period 5