Egg Drop

Maddie Fullerton

The EGG- geneering process!

The whole purpose of this assignment is to build a structure to terrifyingly toss off the highest point of a fire truck the ladder. While supporting an egg the point not to bust it!

The Yolks on you!

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Egg- celent results!

With our egg ( Sunny Scramble Side up!) I believe it is mostly engineering verses science, although science is a very broad topic engineering is closer to the point of the egg drop. My partner and I started with very similar ideas but as we worked we realized that it wasn't going to work so we made many modifications like adding a box, cotton balls and improving our parachute. Adding the box made it a lighter and slower landing for Sunny, the cotton balls is to add protection to her and in the end one of the main reasons she survived is because of the awesome parachute! We connected straws to the box and a perfect paper parachute, which in the end saved Sunny! We discovered our idea was going to work when we tossed her down two flights of stairs! We adjusted the parachute from string to a plastic straw to make it sturdier. our final product was awesome and landed successfully. If we did this over again the only thing I would do is give more time but that's it! This was a very fun assignment and I would like to try again!