Reformers of the 19th century



  • Movement to reduce the use of alcoholic beverages.

Prison reform

  • U.S. gives the most extended liberty... prisons in the U.S. offer the spectacle of the most complete.


  • Greatest reformer for prisoners and mentally ill.

  • wanted to create separate facilities for both.

  • 100 facilities were created before her death.

Education Reform

wanted to improve public schools.

  1. No attendance acquirement (except for Ma. and Vt.)
  2. schools not divided by grade levels .
  3. established teacher training programs.
  4. improved curriculum.
  5. doubled money Massachusetts spent on schools.

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Horace Mann the greatest reform leader in education.

Women's Rights

  • Throughout the 1800's opportunity for women to Become educated increased.


  • 1820's Abolitioist movement to free African Americans