Maple Room News

April 20 - 24th

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Learning through Exploration

This week, exploration took on a particularly vibrant tone. Collaboratively, children stretched their imaginations through block play, project-based study, and art.

Several children spent the week designing and assembling a circus in the block area. This circus is complete with two functional and exciting arenas, bleachers, and instructional areas for children to learn common circus skills such as tight rope walking and high-risk balancing. The bleachers adorning the circus were specifically designed for children, adults and the elderly alike. Bleachers designed for children had written balancing instructions taped beneath the seats, should children feel so inclined to move their bodies while watching the show. Seats for the elderly included buttons that could eject them safely from their seats, should they experience difficulty while standing up. There was also space for a cane.

Our space center also bloomed this past week. Children have taken to rockets. They're assembling many at the moment, most modeled after actual NASA rockets they've researched. Collaboratively all children are working to build a larger rocket with a large structure.

If anyone has any ideas, expertise or experience in designing and launching rockets, please reach out to us. We'd love your support.

Why Garden?

Our study of gardens becomes more rich by the day. This week, we spent several days studying, exploration and familiarizing ourselves with Fort Greene Park. On our first visit, we were on the lookout for various types of gardens. While on a peaceful walk through Fort Greene Park, the Maples noticed that gardens take on many different forms. We observed flower gardens, tree gardens, and even rock gardens.

Naturally, we concluded that gardens can look and feel a variety of ways. They can be large and small, indoors or out. Gardens can make us feel a number of ways: joyous, glum, adventurous and excited. We can also engage in an endless amount of activity while within them. While inside gardens, we can run, climb, read, dig, dash and write, so long as we're respectful and aware of the living things that surround us.

We concluded our week with a visit to the Walt Whitman houses. They're is an extraordinary community garden there, one that is breath taking in both depth and display.

We look forward to exploring indoor and home gardens next week!

Thank you all for your continued support, flexibility and consideration.

Reading, Writing and Math