Important Inventors and Inventions

By: Bailey Rogers

The Bessemer Process

The Bessemer Process was the first cheap industrial process for making steel from molten pig iron. It is named after its inventor, Henry Bessemer but was individually discovered by William Kelly. The process involves the removal of impurities by oxidation with the blowing of air through molten iron.
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The Typewriter

The typewriter was invented by Christopher Sholes in 1873. There had been attempts at creating typewriter before, but Sholes invented the first that was commercially successful. Sholes sold his invention to Remington and Sons for around $12,000.00. It goes without saying that the invention went on to make millions of dollars.

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The Telephone

In 1874 Alexander Graham Bell an inventor and immigrant of Scottish decent started to talk about the possibility of transmitting sound via electrical current. In 1876 he succeeded when he made the aforementioned statement to his assistant Thomas Watson via telephone.
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The camera

In 1884, George Eastman patented the first practical film in roll form. In 1888 he patented the first hand held camera, the Kodak, which was specifically made for roll film. A few years later he established the Eastman Kodak Company, one of the first companies to mass-produce standardized photography equipment.
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Telegraph, Electricity, Phonograph, Electric light bulb

Edison radically began to change American Society as he began to supply the city of New York with electrical power in 1882. By 1889 he had formed the company that would come to be known as GE (General Electric). Edison’s impact on the American home and the American workplace is immeasurable.
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AC vs DC electrical current

Air-brake system for the railroad. His system allowed for all railroad cars to brake simultaneously. Before this, each car’s breaks had to be applied individually. This invention made trains much safer and as a result much more efficient. AC current is the type that is delivered to homes and businesses. Direct Current (DC) is what comes from batteries.

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