Europe and the Printing Press

By Kevin C. Wilbur

Where the printing press was first made and who made it

The movable type printing press was first conceived and developed in China and Korea. A German metalworker named Johann Gutenberg in 1452." The Printing Press and Its "Impact" on Literacy"

What it was and Why it is different

The printing press was not a new invention it was simply redesigned. The Koreans & Chinese had stamps but you couldn't change what is said so Gutenberg reinvented the printing press to where you could change the order of the letters and mass produce a text.

"The Diffusion of the Movable Type Printing Press"

How it impacted Europe

The Printing Press impacted Europe greatly it helped them make many copies of Columbus's first letter. It also help the lower class get books because with out the mass production of books with the printing press only the rich uper class could have books

Why i didn't have any immediate effects on Europe

When the printing press was first made no one really cared about it because they didn't have the information or books to use it on because it was the lower class and so as more lower class people got books and information they began to take notice in it because it started to mass produce books for them and make them cheaper.