What you need to know about HIV

News that could save your life

Are you HIV positive?

Have you recently had unprotected sex? Shared needles? Organ transplant? Blood transfusion? If you have then you may be at risk for HIV. HIV is a serious virus that could lead to AIDS. Get checked to save yourself and others.

What is HIV?

H-uman, I-mmunodeficiency, V-irus. HIV is a lot like other viruses, including the flu or the common cold. HIV doesn't ever leave your body, nobody knows why, but there is no cure. HIV kills your T-cells and CD4 cells which are used to fight infections and disease. Once you get HIV your body won't fight back as hard to any disease.

What you NEED to know.

HIV will never go away. It can only be stabilized by anti-HIV drugs, that are highly expensive. Get checked and start early! Anyone can get HIV no matter the age, race, sex or sexual orientation. HIV is transmitted in numberses ways but only found in specific human body fluids.
A Minute for HIV/AIDS
HIV/AIDS- Risk Groups for Exposure

How can i get HIV? How can I not get HIV?

Anyone is at risk of getting HIV, but you can obtain HIV from having unprotected sex, if you have another STI, use intravenous drugs, and are a uncircumcised man. To avoid getting HIV, you must prevent the blood, semen, vaginal fluids, or breast milk of someone who is infected from entering your body thorough you mouth, vagina, anus, tip of your penis, or breaks in your skin.

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