The boy in the striped pajamas

John Boyne

primary setting

Where: In a house called out-with, concentration camp, and in Berlin.

TIme: 1935-1945

Main characters and their role in the story

Bruno= A little boy that is nine years old

Schmuel= one of the kids in the concentration camp

main conflict

Bruno and his family are Jews, so they have to move to a new place called out-with.

Beginning events

Bruno had no idea that him and his family were going to move to a new house so he came home after school and saw his sister packing his things so he went and asked his mom what was happening and she said that they were moving since Bruno's dad got a promotion so that lead him to a new location for his work.

One of the few things Bruno first noticed about the new house was that there were no people around except for the concentration camp by the house called out-with. He wouldn't of got any friends at that house if he didn't go walking around exploring around his new house.

Middle events

Bruno made a swing and the swing broke so his mom took the credit because they are Jews and if someone would find out that they where jews they would of went to the concentration camp and got tortured just like all the other people who where there.

End events

The fury was when his dad got his new uniform and had to go to the house called out-with and Bruno didn't like the new house and didn't want to go, but he was forced to and he thought about running away to his grandparents house because he didn't like it and that meant that he would go all the way back to Berlin all by himself.

Schmuel decides what to say to Bruno's question and figure out if it is the correct response or not, because he didn't want to lose the only friend that he had and that visited or tried to visit him everyday and gave him food so Bruno had to sneak it without his parents finding out and they met in the same place for a while