Francois & Jean-Claude Duvalier

Dictator of Haiti

Essential Question

What ways did Jean Claude follow in his fathers footsteps that made him such a ruthless dictator?


  • Born July 3, 1952 in Port au Prince
  • He lived the "life of luxury" as President Francois Duvaliers son
  • Grew up thinking that retaining power is more important than helping the people
  • Survived unfortunate kidnapping attempt when he was younger
  • In 1971 he inherited the poor nation that was extremely illiterate and began to attend the law school of University of Haiti
  • Took after his fathers ways and did not offer new things to the Haitian people
  • No tolerance to political opposition and always appointed all of the political officers and judges
  • Violence and war began to strike out for at least 15 years until Duvalier fled to France to exile on February 7, leaving the military in charge

Dictator Jean Claude Duvalier

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Father~ Original Dictator Francois Duvalier

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Inside Story - The new variable in Haiti

Extended Analysis

This video is a basis as to how extreme and negative Jean- Claude Duvaliers ways of dictating took a toll on all of the Haitian people. Especially the first 7 minutes provide a detailed description of how he followed so strongly behind his fathers footsteps. He was over controlling and powerful which led him to brainwashing people into thinking what he was doing was right. His dictatorship involved killing off any opponnents, including his no tolerance acts. As a ruthless leader he landed Haiti into a cold world that even he couldn't get himself out of. This video is worldwide and shows the world about the daily struggles Haitian people has to put up for years. Unfortunatley many leaders were like him, they all put themselves first and their past experiences caused them to think that they were always right by simply killing off others selfishly.

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