Petroleum Engineering

Gurman Deol

A typical day as a Petroleum Engineer

Petroleum Engineers work day to day, doing activities concerned with the production of natural gas. Also known as oil. Natural gas is mostly used as an energy source. It is used for a lot of things such as heating, cooling, cooking, fuel for transportation, etc.

Petroleum Engineering Pictures

Petroleum Engineering Requirements

To become a Petroleum Engineer, you need to at least have a bachelor's degree in Petroleum Engineering. A master's degree is optional, but some schools offer bachelor's and master's combined. You need to be a licensed engineer and need 16 hours of professional education to be certified. The starting salary for a Petroleum Engineer is $93,500. Personally I would like to pursue in this career because I find it amazing that something that comes out of the ground can have such a big impact to society. Natural gas or oil, has so many uses in this world that if it were to vanish it would be very hard to live without it.