Jessica Rosenberger

5 themes of meography


Definition- Their are two types of location. Absolute and Relative. Absolute is specific, and Relative is approximate.

Absolute- 45.6333° N, 94.5667° W

Relative- By the bowling alley and Ramler's trucking, just look for a brown house in a cul de sac.

Big image,+MN/@45.6317431,-94.6040861,13z/data=!4m2!3m1!1s0x52b5adc8245cbc85:0x2c22f8b1841514de


Place- Is an area that is defined by everything in it.

Human Characteristics at my home- Patio funiture, dog house, fire pit, cars, and boats.

Physical Characteristics at home- Sunlight, grassy yard, a garden, a tree, and rocks buit in to our house.

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Human-Environmental Intertaction

Human-Environmental Interaction- Is How people adapt, modify and depend on the environment.

Adapt- I adapt to my environment by changing my clothing according to the weather.

Modify- I modify the environment by picking up trash on the ground.

Depend- I depend on my environment for food and clean air to breath.


Movement- Is The way people, products, ideas, and information move from place to place.

Transportation- The way I get around is by car.

Goods- Paintings from france when my mom went there.

Communication- I communicate by texting on my phone.


Region- Is an area that is defined by certain similar characteristics. Their are both physical and human features in a region. Physical are natural and Human features are man made.

Physical- in the midwest are many flat lands.

Human- in the midwest is the MOA.

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