6th Grade Math

Ms. Snyder


*8 years teaching experience
*1st year at West
*EMAIL: hsynder@coppellisd.com


*Weekly Agenda is posted every Monday.
*Webpage updated on Monday's http://tinyurl.com/6thsnyder
*White Binders

*Spring Board Books


*Quizzes given periodically
*Studying weekly at home
*Projects graded individually
*Student growth and advocation

Grading Policy

*AEC (Analyze, Evaluate, Create) = 55%

Tests, Projects (Tests may be reassessed)

*RUA (Remember, Understand, Apply) = 35%

Daily assignments, ISN Assignment Checks, Quizzes

*Professional Ethics:

Late Work = 5%

-10 points per late assignment

Collaboration/Participation = 5%

-5 points per incident when not properly following rules (Be Polite, Be Prepared,

Be a Promoter of the Learning Process)


*M-F in the library from 7:00 to 7:30am

*Wednesday in my room 7:00 to 7:30 am