The Irritation Handlers Are Here

The Solution To Your Problem


Where the event takes place!

The location of the Winter Bazaar:

Forest Heights Stem Academy

5901 Evergreen Dr

Little Rock,Ar 72205

The location of the YES Competition:

    Park Plaza Mall

    6000 W Markham St,

    Little Rock, AR 72205

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Company History

Our products are made of 3 seventh graders.One seventh grader competed in the YES competition.This year,all of us are entering the YES competition.We came up with the company because we found out our products had something alike, it stop irritation.Our main goal is to stop irritation.Our second goal is to make our prices fairly and more affordable for your use of our products.Our company can solve a serious problem.

Marketing Team

Brandon Courtney made the Unhangler.Jackson Gilbert made Brush Away. Jeremias Wilson made DishNet.This is our marketing team of the Irritation Handlers.

Prices of Our Products

Dishnet is $7.00 per unit.Brush Away is $30.00 per unit.The Unhangler is $2.00 per unit.