WWE RAW Every Monday at Your Establishment

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Wrestling Watching Club (WWC) in conjunction with the San Francisco WWC would like to meet weekly to watch World Wrestling Entertainment (WWE) Monday Night flagship program WWE RAW. We do not charge for our events and would rather our fans spend money at your bar for the three hour live event. If you can imagine fans get awful thirsty and hungry for the show. We promote the event through our website www.wrestlingwatchingclub.com and all major social media. We just need the space and a guarantee we can have space, 1 TV to start, with sound and subtitles.

What WWC Provides

  • Advertising – Online, public, podcast, etc
  • Organization – Present the show in the most logical way for fans to enjoy and for the bar to profit.
  • Coordination – Ensure the event does have any problems before, during or after.
  • Cooperation – Our fans are nice and don’t want any trouble, we also accommodate other sports fans.
  • Logistical – You run the bar and we’ll run the event
  • Loyal Customers – A base number of people to make the event worth having.

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Who We Are

The Wrestling Watching Club (WWC) is a not for profit group dedicated to professional wrestling in the arts sciences and community. WWC was originally created by current Chairperson and Founder Eric Jackson. It was his vision to see professional wrestling fans watching together while being treated with the same respect as NFL, NBA, or MLB fans and enjoy their favorite show at the bar. We hope to be showing wrestling at your establishment very soon.

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WWE fans have no place to watch their show in Vallejo. Like in San Francisco with Nickies Bar (466 Haight St.) we were able to take a dead Monday night and ensure that dozens of people show up and drink for over 3 hours. Eric Jackson’s mission is to make WWE RAW available to watch at a bar in every major city. We are currently in 7 cities and 2 countries (USA, UK) and we feel that Vallejo is the next location.


· Watch WWE Monday Night RAW at your bar weekly

· Promote the event to the city and people of Vallejo

· Make your bar the number one spot for wrestling fans