Cardinal Notes

information and reflection about Joseph Case High School

Volume 13, No. 14 *** January 20, 2017


Annual Science Fair

Congratulations to the following Case students who were recognized last week at our annual science fair:

  • first place: Alisa Feilhauer
  • second place: Logan Martelly
  • third place: Haley Barbosa, Nicholas Lannigan, Henning Anderson
  • honorable mention: Mackenzie Orton, Alyssa Souza, Madyson Medeiros

Mr. Joseph Case High School

Congratulations to our newest Mr. Joseph Case High School: Ryan Lewis.

My most sincere thanks to all the faculty and students who made this second year one of the highlights of 2016-2017, especially teacher Adam Palmisciano who produced the event. We raised almost $1,800 to benefit student activities at Joseph Case High School.

Student Government Day

Congratulations to our Student Government Day delegates: seniors Nick Bello and alternate Karina Barao. Both students will represent Joseph Case High School at the State House in Boston in April.

Late Start Day: Tuesday, January 24

The second late start day of the school year will be Tuesday, January 24. School will begin for students at 10 a.m., with buses beginning their routes for a separate high school pickup at 9:15 a.m. We will have a modified Day One schedule that begins with an abbreviated time slot 3.

Students who take the bus should plan on being at their bus stop two and one-half hours after their usual time. Faculty and staff will be engaged in activities in preparation for the pre-self-study for our next NEASC accreditation in 2021.

Please be aware that their will be an early release of school on Wednesday, February 1 at 12:37 p.m.

Inauguration at Joseph Case High School

Beginning at lunch and occurring through the afternoon, students were invited to bear witness to history in the Learning Commons and Auditorium. Case students and classes elected to watch the Inauguration with their peers and teachers in the venue that made them most comfortable. Many ate their lunch while watching the event. We are proud to be able to offer opportunities for students to have control over their education and provide them parameters to make good civic choices within the confines of the school day.