Everyone has done it, or experienced it

Bullying In Schools

Everyone has been bullied in their life. We all know what it feels like to be put down by someone else because of what ever they don't like about us. We need to stop bullying because it hurts other people, and some times pushes them to suicide.

Who to Tell, and What to do.

For starting STAY IN A GROUP. Bullies usually don't pick on people who are in a big groups of people. They are too afraid to when you have a bunch of friends around you. Also you can tell an adult, parent, or a guidance counselor at your school.

Cyber Bullying

Now people don't always bully face-to-face. Now we can send text messages, private messages, and e-mails. We can CYBER BULLY people. The best way to deal with this is take a screen shot, and show it to an adult and DON'T REPLY.

Some one Cares

Here are a list of places you can contact for bullying situations