Come Visit Ship-Trap Island!

Addie Lewis and Olivia Mitchell

Why Come to Ship-Trap?

Here on Ship-Trap Island, there are many amazing features to enjoy. It is very isolated from the outside world, so you can feel like you aren't distracted from your peaceful vacation.

Hunting on Ship-Trap:

There are lots of hunting opportunities on the island. Here, we are known for the very exciting and dangerous game to hunt, since we stock the island with the best game known to man. You can hunt by yourself, and there can also be dogs to hunt with you, too! Hunting can go on during the day, or at night, whichever you prefer! But this program on the island is most exciting during the night, when you can't see the hunter/hunted very well. You can even get a chance to meet an amazing hunter that has hunted every animal on Earth: General Zaroff.

Where to stay on Ship-Trap?

There are many wonderful campgrounds available on Ship-Trap island. They are scattered throughout the entire island. You may find it to your liking to travel to different campgrounds throughout your stay here at Ship-Trap! When you go back to your campground to rest for the night, you might find yourself up all night learning new hunting tricks and techniques since there are so many hunting oppurtunites on Ship-Trap.
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The light to get you to the island, from a distance.

Sleeping on the Island

For beds on the island, we have a large, beautiful home. The beds are very large and extremely comfortable to sleep in. You will want to battle your family or friends for the beds, that is how amazing they are! Here is the catch: We play games on the island having to do with hunting often. If you win the games, you can get to sleep in the best bed that you have ever slept in.

The Games

We offer fun hunting competitions and extravaganzas to enter almost daily! They aren't easy to win, but the reward is even better than the game! The prize is sleeping in a high class bed. Even if you don't win, you may be able to see long lost friends or relatives... The games are good learning experiences if you win.

Meals at Ship-Trap Island… because we know it’s all about the food!

We offer delicious meals here at Ship-Trap Island! Since Ship-Trap Island is big on hunting, we offer our signature meat at every meal! We hunt our own food every single day, so it is always fresh! It is truly delicious. For breakfast, we offer bacon, sausage, eggs, and more! For lunch and dinner, we have delicious sandwiches, stews, meat dishes, and more! Meat is the main ingredient in most of our meals here at Ship-Trap!