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Crowdsource Your Classroom with Google Moderator!


verb crowd·sourced, crowd·sourc·ing. to utilize (labor, information, etc.) contributed by the general public to (a project), often via the Internet and without compensation

What is Google Moderator?

Google Moderator in the Classroom

How can I use this with kids?

Now it's your turn to try it!

CoffeeBreak with Technology Suggestions

What tools, tricks or tips would you like to see covered in our BISD CoffeeBreak with Technology sessions? Submit a suggestion and then vote on your favorites from your colleagues. Who knows - we may just pick your idea!!

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Wishful Thinking - Classroom Technology

If you could have ANY piece of technology for your classroom, what would it be? The sky is the limit - dream big! Tell us how that technology would help you be a more effective teacher!

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Pats, Praises or Problems

We want to serve YOU! If there is something we have done this year that has been very successful in your mind, we want to know! And if something we've initiated has fallen short in your opinion, we need to know that, too! You are our most valuable customers and we want to hear what you have to say. Let us know your pats, praises and/or problems so we can be a better Technology Department for BISD!

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How could you crowdsource YOUR classroom?

You've seen examples of Google Moderator in action. You've participated in a Google Moderator series. How do you think this tool could be used in YOUR classroom?

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Jessica Johnston

Brenham ISD

Instructional Technology Specialist

Google Certified Trainer