1st Grade Music Notes

December/January 2016

Our December/January Learning Goals

  • I will be able to perform music
  • I will be able to read music
  • I will be able to write and perform music
  • I will be able to play the woodblock with good procedures.
  • I will be able to play instruments using good procedures.
  • I will be able to perform rhythm and beat

December/January Songs We Have Learned

  • Hanukkah is Here

  • Bonjour Mes Amis (review)

  • Prince and Princess school (listening and movement)

  • Snowflake, Snowflake

  • Nigun Atik (Israeli folk dance)

  • Bounce High, Bounce Low

Our Concert Was a Success!

Thanks to all our friends and family who joined us in our "informance" concerts on January 19th and 21st. It was a fun night filled with music! Performance is a National Standard in music and each child received a grade based on their personal best, participation, and concert behavior. If your child was absent on the evening of the concert, a make-up test was sent home with them and was due one week after the concert. Please contact Mrs. Amsler if you have questions.

Learning to Write and Read Music

This month we started reading and writing music! We started by creating our own rhythms using and app called "Screen Chomp" (check out some of their compositions in the video below). We then learned about QUARTER NOTES and EIGHTH NOTES! We also focused on notes that are written on the lines and spaces of the music staff.
1Ev Screen Chomp Rhythms

Who is Mr. Everybody?

Mr. Everybody's Musical Apartment is a silly story that we use to help us learn how to name the notes on the music staff (those five lines and four spaces). We use the initials of the characters to learn the names on the notes. We will eventually use this story to help us name notes on a test. The week before a test, students will get their own set of flashcards to take home and study as homework. Book one covers notes C, D, E, and F.

You can learn more about Mr. Everybody's Musical Apartment by visiting the JM Music Website: http://hobart.schoolwires.com/Page/3190

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