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Volume 2 - Week of August 31

We're moving on!

We wrapped up our review unit on Friday/Monday (depending on which block your student is in). There was a quiz basically everyday for students and myself to get a good idea of where we stand as far as Spanish I material goes.

There are many students who still need to do some work to master/remember some of the grammar and vocabulary. Please check in with your student and see how they're doing. I am frequently available in the mornings during zero hour to help anyone that needs it, and will be available during Smart Block starting next week.

Unit 2 - School and Social Life

In this unit we just started, we will be learning vocabulary that is useful for the school setting and social interactions. This week, we will learn Groups 1-3 of the vocabulary on the yellow vocab sheet.
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We're headed to Costa Rica!

Another Spanish teacher and myself are taking students on a language immersion trip to Costa Rica next June. It will be a fun, enriching and memorable experience! If you're interested in pursuing this opportunity for your teen, please join us on Tuesday, September 15th at 6:30 p.m. for an informational meeting in my room, 2105.

Homework and Studying, demystified

Students will have homework most nights. It is important that students do their homework carefully AND correct it carefully in class. It should not take more than about twenty minutes a night. Because of the block schedule, they are going to need to develop some strategies to make sure they get to school with the homework, and that they don't forget everything they learned from one class to the next.

Quizzes happen frequently and are not announced in advance. The best way to be prepared is to always assume there will be a quiz.

Each day, students will know which group of vocabulary to focus on. For example, today in class we covered Group 1 Vocabulary. That is a set of words and phrases that are grouped together on their yellow vocab sheet. When they do their homework tonight (or tomorrow night), they know that the focus of the worksheet will be Group 1. They also know that they should study that same group of words until they are able to say them and write them in Spanish, from memory. Flash cards are super helpful!

Ellen Reynolds

Please don't hesitate to contact me with any questions or concerns. I will respond to your e-mail within one school day.