Year 1

Week 7

  • Monday - PBL lesson

  • Tuesday - performance in the library, so school uniform as normal, not sports uniform

  • Wednesday - buddy class activity

  • Thursday - library

  • Friday - sport

A general reminder that home readers may be changed on any day of the week. Our RUSTY words program has started. RUSTY books can be returned on any day, after the list has been completed. This means that each word can be read, spelt and used in a sentence so that the meaning is understood.

Children's reading levels will change, only after I have assessed each child's reading on an individual basis. This will take into account comprehension, fluency and expression. It is a time-consuming task to assess each child accurately.

Spelling homework is based on the number of words the children spelt correctly during their weekly test. Some children may have four words to learn, whilst others may have sixteen. It is far better to achieve success with a small number of words, than trying to learn more but spelling them incorrectly.

This week we will continue with cross-country training, so that in Week 9 we will be ready for the challenge (including me - hopefully!)

Regards, Kerrie